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Eleanor holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from California State University Chico. She was trained in urban development by the Incremental Development Alliance. She is a staunch New Urbanist and advocate for civic engagement and voting rights.

John has 44 years of construction experience, including the level of journeyman electrician. He is highly sought after for his expertise in building design and development, and is a founding faculty member of the Incremental Development Alliance. 

Benjamin specialized in construction while attending the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC. He worked as a surveyor in Chico, CA, and illustrates a web series in his free time.

Talia has a background in Business Management, and is an "anti-specialist" who can learn to do anything, from HTML coding to sound engineering for a podcast. She has written two novels.

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Eleanor Anderson


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Design & Finance

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Project Manager

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