Sharing Our Space In Time of Crisis and Beyond

As we grapple with the safety issues inherent in construction projects as well as food supply interruptions, we at TCB&L have decided to make a section of the car lot into a community garden. The fenced-in corner of Park St and Washington Rd will have open working hours and most importantly, enough space between beds that we can all work there safely.

Gardening has well-documented health benefits, but not everyone in our neighborhood has access to a yard to work in. We believe economic disparity shouldn't prevent folks from getting their hands in the soil and growing food for their families. 

I hope you'll join us in the garden, East Point. Let's create something beautiful.


Talia Segal, Garden Director

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Tri-Cities Building & Land, LLC is an independent real estate developer in the city of East Point, Georgia. We are dedicated to bringing back the "missing middle" to American towns and cities. Contact us for more information here.

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