2792 East Point St

Our plan for the former church building on East Point St is to renovate the building and turn all of the classrooms and the former sanctuary into affordable office space for rent. The central location with access to all of our favorite downtown businesses and the Marta station creates a great opportunity for the business owners of East Point.  The property houses a historical graveyard (called Nellie’s Chapel Cemetery), with the oldest headstone dating back to 1873. We plan to honor the memories of the people buried here by making sure it is more secure, re-landscaping it, and making it a beautiful, peaceful place of contemplation and rest for building residents. Anyone who wants to visit the graveyard is welcome to make an appointment (

1720 Washington Rd

We want to turn an iconic location at the corner of Church Street and Washington Rd in East Point, GA into a beautiful piece of a thriving community by mixing commercial space with quality residential space. Eleanor is deeply inspired by her work with the Incremental Development Alliance and Monte Anderson, an IncDev faculty member and the developer behind Tyler Station, a mixed use space located in South Dallas, TX. An annotated rendering of the Church & Washington development is pictured beneath the slideshow.

Annotated Rendering - November 14, 2019

Artist: Mike Thompson

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Tri-Cities Building & Land, LLC is an independent real estate developer in the city of East Point, Georgia. We are dedicated to bringing back the "missing middle" to American towns and cities. Contact us for more information here.

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